Brunette Going Blonde Tips – How to Go Blonde the Right Way

This is one of the most complicated and widespread topics. This phenomena around which the hairdressing industry is spinning, and this phenomenon, as it seemed, did not quieten over time. If you are interested in going blonde, you have come to the right place. We know all about shades, tones, and reflections.

Shades and tones of going blonde

Every hair dye has their own shade and their tone. The shade tells you how light or dark the dye is, while the tone indicates the reflection that the dye contains in it. The shade is marked with the first number, while the gloss (tone) is marked with a number behind the dot. For example, if the paint has the mark 9.1 – number nine indicates the bright blond shade, and .1 the ash tone. Before you decide you want to dye your hair, carefully examine these figures.

Reflection as the basis

The reflection of the dye is crucial, it depends on whether your colors will be yellow, ash, white, beige or pearl tones. These reflections know to differ in different brands. To handle reflections, you need extraordinary experience and knowledge. Shades of professional brands are always specially formulated, with mixed tones, in order to get a natural shade.

Platinum or not?

A lot of girls tend to have platinum hair. This often causes intractable headaches, figuratively and sometimes literally when using too aggressive dye, hydrogen or blanch. Healthy platinum hair can be exclusively and without exception, only a hair that is naturally brighter and there is no red pigment. Everything else will result in half-effects and poor-quality hair.

You have lost the original battle with platinum hair if you do not naturally have a predisposition to be it. Instead, choose more natural shades to make it easier to extract the desired tone. The rule is valid – the slightest is the difference between the natural and the desired shade, the easier it will draw out the color without unwanted tones. If you have a desire of going blonde you need to choose the shade that will suit you.

Keeping it healthy

Every hair color requires strong care. Blond hair is in addition to red, a champion. It is very strong, the hydrogen used in them is aggressive. If you are going blonde we recommend that you mandate the treatment of deep hydration. Do not paint the length each time, it is enough once in a few months to refresh the tone. Coloring with strong dye and strong hydrogen again and again, without exception, will surely destroy your hair.

Avoid frothing and ironing at the highest temperature, instead make some protective hairstyle. Use preparations in various shapes that will protect your hair from external influences. Also, pay attention to the selection of an adequate shampoo and carefully comb your hair in order to lessen it.

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