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What Is Keratin?

Due to polluted air, unhealthy nutrition, stress, harmful ingredients in cosmetics, keratin treatments became a real sensation. Thanks to it you can say goodbye to dry and damaged hair.

Regular hair dye, straightening and treating it with various aggressive agents can contribute to the loss of natural keratin in the hair. When the loss of natural keratin occurs, it is more than obvious that it looks lifeless and that it is prone to cracking. Common causes of this problem are strong shampoos that damage the structure of the hair.

Types of treatments

There are treatments that serve as hair regeneration based on natural keratin and are used to revitalize the hair. On the other hand, in our market, you can find keratin treatments that are intended for permanent hair correction, which besides keratin also contain formaldehyde. Note that you are carefully inquiring into hairdressers about the type of treatments they offer, whether they are certified and recognized. It is important to choose a trusted salon.

In a treatment that only contains hair keratin, the hair is filled with this protein, it is firmer and stronger, and in this way, it is recovered and corrected. This treatment can help you revitalize your hair. It is based on natural ingredients, does not damage the hair and effectively recovers damaged hair.

For treatments containing keratin and formaldehyde, there is a chemical bond between the keratin and formaldehyde molecules that straighten the hair and prevent the curvature again. The method of straightening is more intense. The entire process of applying keratin lasts about 2 hours. The treatment effect lasts from three to nine months.

You should start with proper care of your hair in time so that you do not get into an emergency situation that you need keratin. Stress, work and various obligations during the day prevent us from thinking about personal care, so keep it in mind, your appearance depends only on the time and the preparations you use. Shampoos without sulfates are a real salvation if you want to start taking care of your hair today. Since it is completely safe, you can use it daily and it will not dry and destroy your hair.

Once you start to properly nourish it with appropriate preparations, you will forget about hairdressers, promotional products and all those revolutionary discoveries in the field of hair aesthetics.

Why keratin is popular

Millions of women around the world praise these treatments that they use to restore hair and, thanks to this kind of care, you can solve your regular hairdo for more than three months.

When placed on the calculator we could give a large plus to keratin – except that it is profitable in the long run, it is much time-saving. Let’s not forget that at any moment you can have cherished and healthy hair that grows rapidly, strong and healthy. You could have the hairdo you always wanted, without much effort, and that is why keratin is so popular.