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How To Wash Hair Extensions – Learn Everything You Need To Know

Maintaining hair extensions is different from maintaining natural hair so poor quality care products can ruin the look. Therefore, it is necessary to know how to wash hair extensions and you need to make sure that you are doing it the right way.

After getting them, wait 48 hours to wash them with the shampoo. The reason is that wetting and washing with a shampoo immediately after placement can have a negative effect on the joints and make the hair fall off your head. It is not recommended to wash it often, ie, daily because it can reduce the life of the upgrade, and it is recommended to use dry shampoos because they have a more beneficial effect than regular shampoos.

How to wash hair extensions

By applying the shampoo, carefully wash your hair. If possible, do not wash it by bending to front over your head (as when washing over the bath) but it’s better when you shower. Follows it with hands so that it naturally falls back. Apply the shampoo by rubbing it first all over your hands.

Apply regenerator that s designed for dry, damaged and split ends. Do not put regenerator on the joints. Apply the regenerator and let it work a little (according to the instructions), rinse it so that it is thoroughly washed closest to the head, but it is okay to feel a little bit regenerator under fingers on your ends.

If the salon in which you want to get a hairdo does not know how to wash hair extensions, pay attention to the one who washes your hair because he/she needs to know how to handle the upgrade. Usually, such salons do not provide a monetary compensation for damages.

How to dry it in a correct way

You need to know not just how to wash hair extensions but how to dry them and style them in a correct way too. We twist it into the towel by collecting it and letting the towel absorb all the water. Do not ever rub it with a towel, it will damage it permanently over time. When drying, you need to reduce your hairdryer to medium temperature. In the salon where they gave you your extensions, they should tell you all the necessary instructions and tips for correct ways of blowing it and styling it.

If you use real human hair (and not just “natural” – a mixture of animal and human), then you will not have to nourish it any different from yours. Normally, the usual wash.

During winter you need to make sure that your joints are well dried before leaving the house, because they can be very cold on your the head when you are outdoor, and the temperature change can loosen them. For the other class of hair, it is not recommended to iron, blush, and wash it frequently. The first class extensions, the best human hair, you can iron, permanently straighten it or curl it, and just care for it as if it is your own.