Errors You Make In Styling Your Hair That Makes You Look Older

The protective sign of the attractive look for women is certainly a beautiful and well-nourished hair, as well as an adequate hairstyle. When we say adequate, we mean the type of hairstyle that complements your overall appearance, emphasizes the beauty of the face and corresponds to your physiognomy, which would mean that its choice depends on a case by case.

However, there are some typical styling errors that could add years to your appearance. Like, for example, when blondes choose a tone of color that is wrong for their skin tone. We are sure that this is not what you want, and for further information on this subject, continue reading. Find out which are the hair styling errors that make you look older.

Too dark hairstyle

If you dye your hair in dark color, especially when it comes to black, or when you are naturally lighter, you need to be very careful. Too dark and uniform shade makes you look faceless and older, even when darker shades are in principle standing.

The best way to overcome this problem in styling your hair is to, for example, get some lighters – it’s enough just for a shade of brighter, but in some warm tones. So you will add the volume to your hairstyle and color to your face, which will keep your youthful appearance.

Cold blue tones

Blondes with a warm skin are mistaken when they choose cold tones of blue – those platinum and ash shades do not complement their tone, on the contrary – only highlights its imperfections. A much better choice is, for example, caramel shades, honey color, or hot tones of the sun with sunshine in the hair.

Long hair without volume

With age, hair follicles become less active, so hair becomes thinner and loses its density. That’s why long hair without any shape and meaning is a bad choice. Although you may not be used, a shorter haircut could be a solution. What is certain is that it will make you look younger, and your hair will look more healthy which will make your hairstyle look modern. If you are not sure just cut it to the length of your shoulders.

A section in the middle

The section on the side always better emphasizes the facial features, and what is crucial – it adds to your hair volume, and so it influences you to look younger. The section in the middle makes you look more serious which adds to your age, and it can make your face look tired, washed off, and older. The section on the side gives you that youthful look and it opens your face more.

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