Get Your Short Hair Extensions For Volume

Everyone once in a while wants their hair to look like it has more volume, or like it is longer. But not everyone can wait for enough or have the necessary products to make that happen. That’s why more and more people are using, even those with short hair extensions that can give them the volume they want.

People who have a shorter hairstyle usually wonder if they can put extensions. Many give up because they are convinced that this is not possible. However, you need to know that you can put those upgrades even if your hair is short. Of course, if it’s too short, it means you do not have enough natural strands and you will not have it enough to cover the inserts, but if your hair is, for example, under your ear, it’s quite long enough.

Types of short hair extensions

There are several types of this upgrade that you can get. The first type is such that you put straight or wavy extensions down the line. They can be longer or shorter, depending on how much you want to prolong your hair. Keep in mind that if you put extensions that are very long, it can change your appearance. Also, this is a good look whether you want to shock yourself.

Many girls, when choosing such short hair extensions, leave natural hair in one color, and the extensions put in several shades of brighter or darker colors, depending on how much change they want. Thus, the inserts are a good way to put highlighters, without even having to dye your natural hair and possibly damage it. This way you can take those inserts whenever you want and you will have the previous hairstyle without highlights back in no time.

Do you want a ponytail?

People with short hairstyles often use these inserts so they can get the ponytail. Especially if they have some event coming up because with that ponytail you can make various hairstyles you wasn’t able before. The natural hair is collected at the place where the tail is to be placed, and then it is fastened, and behind it, the combs are attached in the form of tailings. One strand extension is usually left to wrap around the place where the natural hair and the insert are joined, and that is it – you have a new hairstyle.

This hairstyle you can do easily yourself but one thing you must keep in mind – the extensions must be made of quality hair and the color must match or go well with your natural color or it will just look too cheap, and that is not the good hairstyle.

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